Still need to take the GRE?

We know that navigating all of the online and print resources for the GRE can be daunting, so we collected some helpful information for useful information, practice tests, and prep courses available to you. Will add more information over the next few day/weeks, make sure to follow our blog.

Here some info on the Analytical Writing Assessment:

In this section, you will be asked to write two essays: one is called the “Issue” and the other is the “Argument.” You will have 30 minutes to complete each essay.

In the “Issue” essay you will be asked to analyze or respond to a general statement, typically about politics, culture, or education, and take a position on said issue.

In the “Argument” essay, you will be asked to examine the logic of a text (typically no longer than a paragraph). This essay requires close reading and a firm grasp on the rules of logic. Samples can be found on the GRE web site

The essay graders only have 30 seconds to grade your essay, so it needs to

be clear and coherent.  Well-written essays take much less time to grade than poorly-written essays do; if your grader has to take the entire 30 seconds to read your first paragraph because it’s so unclear, that does not bode well for your score.


Speaking of scores: the total score for the essay portion of the GRE is the average of the two essay scores. A 0.0 means that you either didn’t do the essay at all, or

just decided to type a bunch of gibberish instead of answering the prompt. Thus, it is quite difficult to get a 0.0; most students fall between a 3.0 and 5.0. A 6.0

means that you knocked it out of the park with a well-written, insightful essay of 80 lines or more.


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